Tengo el grato honor de anunciaros que la prestigiosa Liga Antidifamación Americana me ha otorgado el premio DANIEL PEARL AWARD, que lleva el nombre del periodista del Wall Street Journal secuestrado y decapitado por el terrorismo islamista.
Se me concede este premio, según palabras de la ADL, por mi código periodístico a favor de la verdad, y por mi lucha contra el antisemitismo. Recibiré el premio en el curso del Annual Meeting de la ADL en Boston, el jueves 7 de octubre.

Es un honor extraordinario, sin duda inmerecido, y que intentaré llevar con humildad y con responsabilidad.
En este viaje también daré algunas conferencias en Boston y en Miami, y algunas entrevistas, entre ellas al Miami Herald y al programa de televisión del Premio Pulitzer Andrés Oppenheimer.

Aquí tenéis la carta de Abraham Foxman, director nacional de la ADL, donde están los motivos de la concesión del premio. También os cuelgo el programa del congreso de la ADL, por si alguno quiere perderse por Boston.
Gracias a todos por vuestro apoyo y por vuestra estima.

Mis Pilar Rahola
Dear Mis Pilar Rahola:

Several years ago, the Anti-Defamation League created the ADL Daniel Pearl Award to recognize selected individuals who have made a positive contribution to promoting improved understanding of Jews and Judaism, be it in Journalism, interfaith dialogue, or politics, or diplomacy.

The prize is named Daniel Pearl, the dedicated Wall Street Journal reported, who was kidnapped and murdered by the terrorists in the course of doing the work he loved. Daniel Pearl believed passionately in honest journalism, and his death was a reminder both of the dangers faced every day by foreign correspondents working on the front lines, and of the critical importance of the free expressions of ideas.

You have been outspoken on the issue of Anti-Semitism, regardless of the source, and of a journalist´s code of ethics, including reporting honestly about Israel. You have heroically written about prejudices on the part of many of your fellow journalists when it comes to Israel and the way some writters have allowed their predispositions to poison their craft.

For your dedicated commitment to an honest and accountable journalistic code of ethics and for speaking honestly to the public, we would be honored if you would accept our prestigious Daniel Pearl Award. The Award comes with a 5.000 $ honorarium.

The Award will be presented during our anual meeting in Boston, Massachussets on Thursday, October 7, 2010. We would also be pleased to cover your expenses in getting to and from the meeting.

We look forward to hearing from you and to honoring you this October.

With every good wish,
Abraham Foxman, National Director.

Annual Meeting of the National Commission, October 7-9, 2010

Please join us for the annual meeting of the National Commission in Boston on Thursday-Saturday, October 7-9, 2010. At this critical time for Israel and the Jewish community, we invite you to join us as we come together to discuss, debate and deliberate on ADL policy and priorities for the coming year.

For those arriving early, we will kick-off our meeting with a special Welcome Reception on the evening of Wednesday, October 6 from 5-8 pm at the nearby Top of the Hub Restaurant with a panoramic view of downtown Boston from the 52nd floor. All other events will take place at the Sheraton Boston Hotel.

You will have an opportunity to listen, learn and participate in our policy-making and informed conversations on critical issues facing the Jewish community here at home and around the globe. Issues to be discussed include: preserving civility in public discourse, dealing with anti-Semitism on campuses and the proliferation of cyberbullying, building bridges of understanding between faith communities and combating the vitriolic hate-filled propaganda that vilifies Israel and seeks to undermine its standing in the community of nations.

We will recognize those who have given outstanding service to our nation and the Jewish people, including a 25th anniversary commemoration of the tragic death of Leon Klinghoffer at the hands of terrorists, presentation of the ADL Daniel Pearl Award to Spanish journalist Pilar Rahola for writing and speaking out about anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism in Europe and elsewhere throughout the continent, and the William and Naomi Gorowitz Institute Service Award to Chief William Bratton, for his distinguished career as a law enforcement officer fighting terrorism and extremism.

There will be first-hand reports on developments affecting Jews around the world, including: an update on the deligitimization of Israel through the abuse of legal processes, the status of Jews in Latin America where despots and demagogues have been blaming the community for economic crises and downturns, and extremist threats by home grown terrorists and others who seek to undermine our democracy and well being.

We will also discuss and debate whether we should take a position on the death penalty. Currently, 35 states have death penalty statutes and ADL has on occasion been asked to join coalitions to oppose them. Over the years, ADL leadership has voted to take no position on the death penalty except in cases involving terrorists who murder Americans abroad. We will consider whether to change that policy.

Overall, it will be three days of intellectual stimulation, participation and conversation. Don?t miss it. Use this online registration to let us know you are coming. This is the only way to register for this meeting. We look forward to seeing you there.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Robert G. Sugarman
National Chair
Abraham H. Foxman
National Director




3 comentarios

  1. Mi felicitación a Pilar Rahola por la concesión del Premio Daniel Pearl.
    Creo que es un justo reconocimiento a su valiente labor a favor de la verdad y de su lucha contra el antisemitismo.

    Me gusta

  2. Éste no es el premio original y de prestigio de la DP Foundation, es uno paralelo de la ADL de Abe. Fox, cuya definición es: “The ADL Daniel Pearl Award, endowed by Ruth and George Moss, is given annually to the person who has made the most positive impact on the image of Jews and Judaism in the Muslim World”. Nada de eso ha hecho Rahola, obvio, además el 99 % de su trabajo nada tiene que ver con judaísmo ni con diálogo: ella odia el Islam. Durante semanas ha querido hacer creer que ella recibía el DP Award original pero la hemos desenmascarado tras unas hora en internet

    Me gusta


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