Declaración conjunta de Netanyahu y Clinton sobre asentamientos

Adjuntamos las declaraciones del Primer Ministro de Israel Binyamin Netanyahu y la Secretaria de Estado de Estados Unidos, Hillary Clinton, en la rueda de prensa conjunta que tuvo lugar el pasado 31 de octubre en Jerusalén sobre el tema de los asentamientos.

Puede leerse la rueda de prensa completa en el sitio en Internet del Ministerio de Exteriores de Israel.

Departamento de prensa
Embajada de Israel

PM Netanyahu: I said that we would not build new settlements, would not expropriate land for addition for the existing settlements and that we were prepared to adopt a policy of restraint on the existing settlements, but also one that would still enable normal life for the residents who are living there. … The issue of settlements and the issue of territories and the issue of borders, these will be engaged in the negotiations and they’ll have to be resolved for a peace agreement to be achieved, but you can’t resolve it in advance of the negotiations, and you certainly shouldn’t pile it on as a pre-condition.

Secretary Clinton: Well, I would add just for context that what the Prime Minister is saying is historically accurate. There has never been a pre-condition, it’s always been an issue within the negotiations. What the Prime Minister has offered in specifics of a restraint on the policy of settlements which he has just described – no new starts for example, is unprecedented in the context of prior-to negotiations. … You know, there are always demands made in any negotiation that are not going to be fully realized. I mean negotiation by its very definition is a process of trying to meet the other’s needs while protecting your core interests, and on settlements there’s never been a pre-condition. There’s never been such an offer from any Israeli government and we hope that we’ll be able to move into the negotiations where all the issues that President Obama mentioned in his speech at the United Nations will be on the table for the parties to begin to resolve.


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Coordinadora de Información y Prensa

Embajada de Israel en España





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